Syracuse University

Syracuse University is located in Syracuse, New York. The University is generally referred to as Syracuse, SU or Cuse. It is a private research based University. The University is within a campus which features an eclectic mix of buildings, ranging from 19th century Romanesque Revival structures to contemporary buildings designed by well-known architects. The center of campus with its grass quadrangle, outdoor sculptures and landscaped walkways enables students to have a traditional college experience. 
Academic Departments in Syracuse
African-American Studies
Child and Family Studies
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Art, Design, and Tran’s media
Art and Music Histories
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Broadcast and Digital Journalism
Science Teaching
Social Work
Sport Management
Systems and Information Science
Teaching and Leadership
Telecommunications and Network Management
Television, Radio, and Film
Women's and Gender Studies
Earth Sciences/Geology
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises
Exercise Science
Geology/Earth Sciences
Graphic Design
Higher Education
Inclusive Elementary and Special Education
Information Management
Information Management and Technology
Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation
International Relations
Janklow Arts Leadership Program
Languages, Literature, and Linguistics
Library Science
Marriage and Family Therapy
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Newspaper and Online Journalism
Policy Studies/Public Affairs
Political Science
Public Administration and International Affairs
Public Affairs/Policy Studies
Public Health
Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Public Relations
Reading and Language Arts
And the list goes on. 
The University is offering students a huge range of courses and programs. 

Life in Syracuse

Syracuse is a life changing experience for students who are enrolled in the University. The University is full of facilities and opportunities for students to avail. The Classrooms vary in design, capabilities, capacities, reflecting the wide range of programs. The Competitive environment gives birth to an urge among students to study hard and learn from the professors and their experience. Teachers and Professors make sure that their experience is delivered to the students and the students have clear understood of the lectures given by them. 
Syracuse is a well-developed University; the class rooms are well renovated and are full of modern technologies for a better teaching and learning experience. 

Contact Syracuse

Syracuse University is at a consistent pace considered to be amongst the highest quality international study programs in the Country. The University provides the students travelling safety, accommodation safety, socializing safety etc. 
To apply to study in Syracuse University you can contact the University administration through their official website ---->http://suabroad.syr.edu/
the website contains all the necessary information about the information plus the contact details such as the email address, contact number and the online way of communicating with the University staff. By this way you can get your queries answered. 
You can also learn about the tuition fee the university charges for a course. The fee would depend on the type of course you’re applying for. The University can also provide you accommodation and stuff. 
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