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To foster the critical thinking among the Muslim and non-Muslim students, Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations (ISMC) is playing a vital role and provides a platform for research and publication. Along with that Institute for the Study of Muslim, Civilizations offers a Masters degree in Muslim cultures.

Programme offered by Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations:

The M.A degree offered by Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations is a two year degree, during this whole tenure all the M.A students will attend diverse courses and the main focus of all these courses will be to develop leadership skills and to develop deep understanding of Muslim culture, Heritage and contemporary challenges faced by Muslim culture. Here are some important topics you will learn during this M.A degree tenure:

  • Introduction to the Humanities
  • Introduction to the Social Sciences
  • Muslim Heritage
  • World Cultures
  • Contemporary challenges faced by Muslim culture
  • Methodologies
  • Contemporary Languages

A student must have to complete at least 24 total courses and among these 24 courses, there must be 16 main core courses, 3 elective courses, and 6 languages. Students must also attend various Language skill and Leadership programs. A dissertation must be prepared by a student of at least 20000 words and topic can be chosen according to the interest of the student but this dissertation is compulsory for M.A program. The best thing about this M.A course is that it exposes students to various cultures, communities and ways of life in order to develop critical thinking and out of the box thinking.

At the beginning of every first academic year, all the students attend the one-week long orientation classes. The purpose of this orientation class is to give an overview of the entire syllabus and the most important thing is to develop the basic understanding of the subject. Apart from this the Institute also arranges social activities and tours, which also includes a visit to nearby places of historical interest.

Admission procedure:


1 An undergraduate degree from a recognized institute but preferably in the humanities.

2 Evidence of English language proficiency.

How to Apply:

  • A completed form of application.
  • A statement describing the reasons for enrolment in the program.
  • A copy of undergraduate degree
  • Attested copies of all academic transcripts.
  • Certificate of clearance of English Language Test like IELTS etc.
  • Any two valid references

Annual Tuition Fees:

Although the fee is subject to change after every academic year. So for the upcoming Admissions, the annual fee for entire the 1st academic year starting from September 2016 is £11,710.In the case of withdrawal from the M.A program, whole year fee will be charged during the year of withdrawal. For the facilitation of students, the institute also offers an option of 4 installments and each installment will be of £2,927.

Short Courses:

Apart from the Masters degree, the institute also offers some short courses on diversified topics to foster creative and critical thinking among students. Along with this, the institute also arranges some social events.

If you are thinking to polish your intellectual skills under the mentorship of great teachers then Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations (ISMC) is the right place for you to join.


210 Euston Road

London, NW1 2DA

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 207 380 3800



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