Apply for tier 4 visa from inside the UK

Apply for tier 4 visa from inside the UK

Tier 4 visa is one of the many visas which UK is offering to the people who intend to come and study in UK. At the time of applying for this visa there are two possible scenarios. You can either be applying by being inside UK or by being outside of United Kingdom. This article will specifically discuss the first scenario. 

You can apply for a tier 4 student visa for studying in UK if only if you’re above 16 years of age and you have been offered a place on a course. Your English language skills would matter a lot and it will be tested to decide whether or not you deserve to study in UK. 

Your financial status would also be judged, because if you can’t support yourself financially in a country you will become a liability for that country’s government. 

You will be required to leave UK as soon as your course completes. You can arrive one month before your course starts if it’s longer than 6 months of time. If it’s shorter than 6 months’ time you can arrive up to 1 week before your course starts. 

How to apply from being inside UK 

If you’re inside UK it is kind of obvious that you are on some other category of visa so your question should be how can I switch from that to a tier 4 visa? 

There are a number of visas like Tier 1 (post study work), Tier 2 (Intra Company transfer), Tier 4 (child) etc. If you are currently under such visas or schemes you‘re eligible for applying to a tier 4 general student visa (if in case this is the one you want to switch to). 

When to apply?

You must apply: 

-Formerly your current visa expires. 

-Within 6 months of getting a confirmation of acceptance for studies AKA CAS. 

There are many types of services such as the standard and the premium. If you go with the premium one you will pay a bit more than usual but your application will be processed on the same day you applied. It will cost you 948 pounds. 

Application form requirements 

If you will need:

-The application fee which is: 448 pounds postal, 10 day postal service or 948 pounds in person at the public enquiry office. 

-2 passport sized photographs. Make sure you’re not wearing spectacles of hats in the photographs. You face should be clearly visible. 

-You will have to submit your current passport and any that you have formerly used to travel to UK. 

-A biometric Residence permit AKA BRP. It is a plastic card which is issued in UK. 

-A CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies). You will be issued one once you have an offer for yourprogram. 

-Your CAS statement which will list the qualifications you used to obtain your place at SOAS.

-Proof of your proficiency in English language. 

-You will be required to pay immigration health surcharge. 

-Police registration certificate. (About this you can search on internet).