Azad University IR in Oxford

Azad University (IR) in Oxford, a campus of Islamic Azad University

Its blessing for the Asian students to have an eastern university in Europe.Azad University is the campus of an internationally recognized university named Islamic Azad University Iran. Islamic Azad University in Iran is the biggest private university in Iran with 30000 staff members and approximately over 1 million students around the world.

Azad University (IR) in Oxford is located at 5 miles from the center of Oxford. Azad University (IR) in Oxford is equipped with International standard classroom structures and it has all the facilities available which ensure a smooth academic environment in the campus. Azad University (IR) in Oxford offers admission in the wide range of multiple fields in which you can take admission. The philosophy behind this campus is to prepare students intellectually, emotionally and knowledge wise for the challenges of the real world and to foster critical thinking for solving complex problems in their respective fields.

Educational Programmes offered by Azad University (IR) in Oxford:

General English Course:

As we know English is the widely spoken International language, In order to bridge the gape among your innate language and English language Azad University (IR) in Oxford offers a wide range of English language courses from easy to advance levels.

IELTS Preparation:

If you want to study in any international level university then you need to clear a testcalled IELTS in order to get admission in any university abroad. Azad University (IR) in Oxford offers a 2-week program to get you familiar with all the basic ingredients of English grammar and also improve you Listening, speaking and writing English. A typical IELTS class consists of 14 students. Total cost for 2 weeks is £80.


Azad University (IR) in Oxford is equipped with all the necessary material required by research associates. Thereforea lot of graduate students and faculty members from all across the international chain of Azad University (IR) in Oxford are currently conducting research in various fields including engineering, physics, chemistry, law, accountancy, business management Economics, engineering, physics, chemistry, law, accountancy, business management, and behavioral sciences.

The University is planning to enhance its research profile through two significant initiatives namely 

  • Joint Research Projects (JRP) 
  • Collaborative Ph.D. Programmes (CPP)

Admission Requirements:

In order to gain full benefit from your studies, you will need to demonstrate that you have a high level of written and spoken English.

AUO understands that undertaking a university course delivered in English can be a challenge for students coming to us from abroad. You may wish to attend the pre-sessional English course run throughout the year by the English Language Department to recover your writing, readinglistening and speaking skills.

Students who have not yet achieved sufficient IELTS proficiency in English can choose to add the pre-sessional English course to improve their language skills before moving on to pursue a degree program at an Azad University.

Azad Universityclosely monitors academic support to students whose academic qualification is slightly below the requirement for a British degree;

The flexible course structure allows students to include a course of foundation study followed by a selection of modules related to their chosen degree program.

 Azad University Address:

Stroud Court, Eynsham

Oxford Road


OX29 4DA

United Kingdom


Telephone:  +44 (0)1865 884350

Fax:  +44 (0)1865 884351