Easy way to get Marriage Spouse Visa

If you are currently a permanent citizen of UK and you want to bring your spouse or partner to the UK then your spouse or partner can apply for the spouse Visa. In this case, you as a resident of UK are called “sponsor” and your spouse who is not currently a UK resident is called “Dependent” for Visa purpose. The Dependent can apply for the visa outside the UK but if your spouse or partner wants to visit you in the UK for less than 6 months then a visit visa is only required.

Spouse Visa:

A spouse Visa is just like any other visa but and it allows a Non-European Dependant to live and work in the UK but it’s issued on the basis of marriage. There are certain requirements by Immigration Department of UK to be fulfilled by the Sponsor and Dependant.

General Requirements:

First of all, you need to meet the financial requirementin order to bring your spouse to the UK and the financial requirement is £18,600 which also increases in case you have any child. The purpose of this financial requirement is to ensure that you can financiallytake good care of your children Dependant(spouse).Apart from this, the Dependant will also need to submit £200every year for healthcare services during the whole stay in the UK.

The dependant will have to give an interview and in that interview, different questions will be asked about the relationship between Sponsor and Dependant.

Biometric Residence Permit:

After the arrival of Dependant in the UK, the Dependant must collect Biometric Residence Permit(BRP).If you have no idea where to collect BRP then send an email to home office BRP collection with the following detail: 

  • Passport number
  • Dependant’s full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Telephone number
  • Reference number

The Dependant must give an English language test in order to apply for the visa process. Here is the list of approved English language tests:

  • Integrated Skills in English
  • Graded Examinations in Spoken English
  • IELTS Life Skills

Applicant must visit UKVI website to check the eligibility for English language test and other requirements demanded by Immigration department of UK.

If the Dependant is coming to the UK then a T.B test is compulsory formerly applying for visa, T.B test needto be completed from Immigration department approved centers.

Eligibility Requirements for Spouse Visa are:

  • Dependant must be at least 18 Years of age
  • Be legally married and have plan to live together
  • Have met each other
  • The application fee for Spouse Visa is around 87£

At first, Spouse Visa will be issued for 2.5 years then after this period another 30 months will be given. After completion of this period the Dependant can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. In this whole Visa process it is suggested to hire some expert Visa consultant, in this way your chances for rejection of Spouse visa can be minimized.

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