English Tests Accept For UK Visas

Which English tests accept for UK Visas and Immigration? 

The UK is the attraction for several people from Asian and African countries due to the standard and lifestyle offered in the country. Besides this, the universities in the UK are ranked as the top most universities in the world. There are several kinds of visa including for those people who are willing to attain a permanent residence in the Great Britain. The residence and student visa are granted on the basis of qualification in various departments. If you are applying for a student visa then there are certain requirements that owe to be fulfilled. Prior to the application of a UK visa, you must be aware that Language used in the UK is English as an official language.

For showing your competency in the above-stated language you are being tested by Country’s Language Benchmark or various tests conducted worldwide. At the time of applying through any visa program, you have to provide these results along with the visa application. Besides, this the test results must not be a year old. Several tests are conducted for the immigration in the UK states.

From the last April, IELTS test is being conducted and is assumed as the standard for testing in various countries like America, Australia, and several other first world countries. However, specifically for the UK, a new test is designed named as IELTS Life Skills will. It is conducted by the Cambridge and is used only in the UK. IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills tests are considered as the key parameters to gain the visa in the UK. To conduct these tests several approved test centers are created worldwide from the countries receiving the visa applications. 


Applying for the Bachelor’s Degree

It has been confirmed by UKVI that the changes do not affect your application process if you are planning to attain a degree in any institution that comes under Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the UK. The institutions coming under (HEI) currently uses their own method to test the caliber of students’.

Tier 4 Student Visa 

If you are applying for the visa under a Tier 4 Student Visa. If you get admission in the university that is Tier 4 category. Here the degrees offered are the bachelor or postgraduate degree.After scoring admission in any university you must first the English language level as set by that particular institution. Almost all the British universities and colleges are currently accepting IELTS results.

What is the IELTS test?

The test is a task-based examination of the four skills that a person possesses. The skills tested in the IELTS are Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. For each skill marks are added separately. Several education institutions and workplaces worldwide opt to use IELTS as their testing level, admissions are granted on the basis of individuals score in IELTS.

These are certain steps and requirements that must be matched. There are some other basic needs like a person applying for the visa must be permitted to enter the territory and he must have a prior mindset that in which state is he going to reside. Checking up these requirements will largely help you.