Entertainer or sports person


To perform or entertain, you would need a performer/Entertainer visa if you are not looking to stay more than 6 months. For more than 6 months, you will need a work permit. We will inform you properly and direct you towards making the right application.

  • Amateur or professional entertainers coming to the United Kingdom do not need a work permit if they are coming for the following:
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Performance at auditions
  • Personal appearances.

Sports and Entertainments
Here you can get information about Sports and Entertainments work permits are and if you are an employer how you can apply for one.

The sports people and entertainers arrangements enable employers to recruit current international performers/Entertainer of the highest standard, who are able to make a important contribution to entertainment or sport in this country.

You can make a Sport and Entertainments work permit application if you are a UK based employer and you require employing a person to work here. In the entertainment industry, the person’s agent may be the employer/Company.

We only issue work permits for sports people and entertainers who are recognized sportspeople, entertainers, cultural artists and some technical/support people, if you are unable to employ a resident worker.
To find out the criteria for each Sports and Entertainments type you should follow the links given below.

  1. Actors – film
  2. Actors – theatre
  3. Ballet
  4. Baseball and softball coaches
  5. Basketball
  6. Boxing
  7. Classical musicians
  8. Cricket
  9. Cultural visits
  10. Dancers: popular teachers (who are performing) and choreographers
  11. Field hockey
  12. Female professional football players
  13. Football managers and first team coaches
  14. Football players
  15. Ice hockey
  16. Jockeys and trainers
  17. Kabbadi
  18. Lacrosse
  19. Pantomime
  20. Permit free festivals list 2008 – 2009 (Excel 44.5K opens in a new window)
  21. Polo
  22. Rugby league
  23. Rugby union
  24. Speedway
  25. Technical support staff in the film, television and video industry

For information on how to apply for a work permit under the Sports and Entertainments arrangements see the click here