Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University is one of the brightesst and most amazing technical institutes available that offer numerous courses. Dickinson Universityspecifically planned their schedule to offer different educational courses with abroad experience for extremelyinterestedpersons. It offersthe entirestandard academic program with the chance to travel and involvein new cultures. It is a perfect way to widen your prospects and fulfill your thrust for knowledge.

Fairleigh Dickinson Universityprovides you the typical exemplary English village scene. As this university is in the rural area of England, so it provides a peaceful environment for you to learn. It is true that this college covers a small area but knowledge it provides goes deep. It surely has the founding visualization of an academic community. In short Fairleigh Dickinson Universityis an extraordinary beautiful andupdated 17th-century manor house, originally belongs to Henry James.

Dickinson Universitylearningtechniques and academic staffs are specifically selected to give students the finest experience that Britain can provide. Differed courses are offered in the format of lecture, session, seminars and tutorial method common in all major British universities. The College covers the areas like literature, history, political science, fine arts, core, and sociology. Their own British coaching staff is accompanied by visiting lecturers from top British universities.

Admissions are offered both in spring and fall semester every year for students who come to Dickinson University. First-time students are needed to contribute in a special 3-credit interdisciplinary package, goes by the: The Anatomy of Contemporary Britain.

General Requirements to enter the program

The necessities to gain entry into the Dickinson University are mentioned below:

  1. Students should cover the basic grade scale of 3.00 or more in 4.00 systems, showing their mark on official college transcript.
  2. Students should be to in second-semester sophomores, juniors, seniors or Graduates.
  3. Students needto come to Dickinson University from locallycredited institutions in the United States. Requests must be accepted by the transferring college or university before admission to the Dickinson Universitycourse can be approved. This agreement is specified by the university dean’s signature or a designated official of the college or university.
  4. You need to submit three letters of recommendation from existing or previous professors.
  5. Official college transcripts must be submitted with Graduate You also have to submit your GRE test scores.

Admissions Details:

Fairleigh Dickinson University believes that the spirit of a university is its people. The bigger the dreams of the student, the more strong and influential will be there educational experience.

At Fairleigh Dickinson, you will find a university dedicated to makingthe students ready for the trials of a shifting world, this is surely a facultywho you can trust and whose members bring rich visions as academics and as specialists, and students of all circumstances and interests who have the passion and shows the wish to changes their lives forever are more than welcome here.

For more information, contact:

Nicholas D.J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Dean, Wroxton College

Wroxton, Nr. Banbury

Oxfordshire OX15 6PX

Phone from U.S.: 011.44.1295.730551

Fax from U.S.: 011.44.1295.730059