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The FSU London Program is one of the England creative programs since 1971 that has offered scholars from across the country a sophisticated pre-arranged liberal arts course in a historic base of Western government, business, and literature. It is also known as the “The London Study Centre” and is currently situated in a row of 17th-century buildings listed on the British National Heritage Property. Students are more than welcome to live and study in this state-of-the-art scholastic institute in the Bloomsbury district.

Programs offered by the London Study Centre are:

  • Broad Curriculum
  • Theatre Academy London
  • First Year Abroad
  • Gateway Program
  • Special Programs
  • Internships
  • Program Assistant

London Study Centre Campus

This institute is perfect not only for education but also location wise. It is just located a few minutes from the West End, the main theatre region of London. Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, the National Gallery, and many prime opera and ballet are really closes to this institute. The respected British Museum is also just only one block away.


Students who want to come here can enjoy the significantancient culture and architecture along with luxurious flats and apartments, with fully equipped classrooms, lecture hall or class theatre, enormous library, three modern computer labs, with fully installedwireless Internet all over the building. The Study Centre is monitored by a 24 hour reception/security staff and requires secure swipe-card access. The building also facilitated with a student lounge with vending machines and free laundry services.

Housing Facility

London Study Centre complex containsoutstanding housing facility that covers 24 fully furnished flats. They have the facility of two to three rooms per apartments that have all the modern facilities that every students practically need, counting showers and bathrooms, television, complete kitchen utensils with all electrical appliances, bed linen, towels and more.

Modern Library and Computer Labs

A fully working library with all the ancient and modern books in it and not only this three computer labs with latest computer systems are available for students in this campus,functionedproperly through the guidance of a librarian, IT, and library assistants. The library has a wide variety of material that includes movies, books, music, travel guides, and more. There is also a conservatory for quiet studying. To further facilitate the students with laptop computers, the Study Centre has installed wireless Internet Access all over the building and flats.

Campus History 

Thomas Tufton and Earl of Thanet in 1685, get a hold on land on the Great Russell Street north side. He built his grand terrace home on this land goes byThanet House. These buildings were constructed in the Georgian style of the time.

In December 1992, after 21 years of a wandering existence, the Florida State University purchased a freehold to four adjoining buildings in Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. Registered on the British National Heritage list, this restored, refurbished, and redesigned, seven-building complex comprises a coherent and permanent home for our London Study Center. Several features from these original buildings are still preserved within the modern surroundings.


Florida State University, 99 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7813 3223