Fulbright Scholarship

Education plays a key role in growth of a country. To ensure development of the nation, a network of good educational institutions with qualified and well informed staff is needed. So that their institutions become competent of producing students/researchers who can effectively handle the versatile nature of work required to build a nation. Government has badly felt that need and while assessing the requirements of the newly established public sector Universities established at remote areas, Chairman ECNEC and Chairman HEC stressed at the development of a scholarship scheme particularly designed for the uplift of these public sector institutions, so as to bring them at par with other universities and to fulfill Government promise of providing quality education for all.

The university & college faculty and R&D manpower development Programme is an integral part of the strategies and initiative of the current ten-year’s perspective plan as well as in conformity with the goals of Education Sector Reforms (ESR) Action Plan 2001-05 . In the perspective plan, Human Resource Development is at the top amongst the few priority areas having socio-economic impact and cost-effectiveness.  Promotion of Engineering, Natural and Basic Sciences in the country and inclusion of at least five Pakistani universities, among the top 50 Asians Institutions are few of the goals of the perspective plan 2001- 2011.  These targets can strategically be achieved not only by inducting young, high quality scientist and technologist.  This will also assist in transfer of technology and selective hiring of international services wherever required.

The Scheme envisages Master/MPhil level training of 400-450 candidates and PhD level training of 240-265 candidates depending on tuition fee at US Universities. Scholarships would be awarded mainly in Engineering, Medicine, Science & Technology and some in other fields.

The objectives of the scheme are:

  • To create a critical mass of highly qualified Engineer, Technologists, Scientists Manpower in high-tech fields.
  • To build up the capacity of Universities in Pakistan through addition 240-265 PhD and 400-450 Master/MPhil in priority fields.
  • To facilitate assimilation, absorption and transfer of important and promising technologies to get high-tech products and achieve rapid economic progress.
  • To provide opportunities to young talented Scientists/Engineers for training/research work at advanced research labs and reputed universities abroad and interaction with foreign engineers working at frontiers of knowledge, to encourage international cooperation in Engineering, Humanities, Business, and Natural & Basic Sciences through harnessing training opportunities offered by friendly countries like USA.

Eligibility Criteria

The target groups for the Fellowship Awards under this Programme would be those fulfilling the following basic eligibility criteria:

  • A total of 10% scholarships are reserved for full-time, regular employees of Public Sector organization and 90% are on open merit.
  • 80 % Scholarships would be awarded in Engineering, Medicine, Science & Technology and 20% in other fields
  • Master degree or equivalent in any field (16 years education)
  • Fulbright awards are offered to UK citizens (regardless of where they currently reside) only. Non-UK citizens are required to apply through the Commission in their country of citizenship. Dual UK citizens must apply in the country in which they currently reside; if not resident in either country then applications must be made through the Commission in the country in which they have resided the longest period of time.

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