How to settle in UK permanently through immigration process

How to settle in UK permanently through immigration process

Settling down in UK is a dream of many people who live in different parts of the world. UK is a developed country and the welcoming nature of its residents promotes the urge to come and stay in UK permanently. One must think that what are criteria of permanently residing in UK or how is it possible?

Well! We have the answers for you. WE will give you an insight into the immigration process and will emphasize the factors involved in this scenario. 

How to become a United Kingdom’s resident 

You will be considered eligible for applying to settle down in UK if you have got a residence card as one of the following two: 


2-Individual with humanitarian protection 


Well if you happen to apply as a refugee no fee would be charged from you as it requires no money to apply for settlement as a refugee. 

The Family members 

You can also take your family members including your partner and your dependent children. 

There are certain rules which decide that whether or not your partner would be considered eligible for going with you or not. 

You must have a genuine relationship with 2 years’ time with your civil partner or wife. 

The age of your children must be under 18. 

Certain Exceptions 

If your partner or dependent child/children are already in UK through a visa of another category or if they’re currently in UK without permission they won’t be able to immerse them in our immigration process.  

If your status in UK as a visitor is illegal! 

You have to return in your home country from UK if you’re there illegally or leave has expired. 

The returning resident visa 

Well, you can apply for a Returning Resident visa too. One can ask what the Returning Resident visa is for.

Well it comes into play when if you want to come back to live in USA if you were previously settled in UK but you have lost your documentation and you have been away from UK for 2 years or so. 

If in case you haven’t lost your original documentation which could confirm your status of settlement in UK then you don’t need a visa. That’s a different story if the airline requires you to apply for a visa. 


A person must: 

Have been settled in the UK before you last left 

Plan to return to live in the UK permanently 

not have been given public funds to help him leave UK 

If you were away for 2 years

It will result in the cancellation of your Returning Resident visa if you’re not able to prove or show exceptional personal circumstances have led to you resulting in your leave from the country for 2 years or so. 


To apply for this category of visa some fees will be charged from you. It would cost you around 405 pounds. 

How long can I stay? 

You can return to UK and live permanently in UK.