Irish School of Ecumenics, Postgraduate Institute of Trinity College

Irish School of Ecumenics is one of the renowned institutes and is commonly known as the Postgraduate Institute of Trinity College. This institute is equipped with modern equipment and latest technology of Belfast. Irish School of Ecumenics, the Trinity College Dublin has the best postgraduate courses available with excellent and qualified staff. This institute has the latest research facility that will help you in your require field.

Irish School of Ecumenics teaching and research is focused on establishing strugglefor bestand bright prospects for peace, understanding and discussion in numerous different contexts, comprising the political, the international matters along with the religious and local situations. ISE Masters programmers in “Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation”, “Intercultural Theology” and “Interreligious Studies” and “International Peace Studies”massively appeal students from all over the world who wish to learn more and discover new aspects of research and excel in their careers in these areas. The institute priorities your interest, the diploma in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies attracts students who wish to improve their skills in the workplace.

An international group of Ph.D. students attracts the supervisory proficiency in the teaching staff no matter what field they are related with. Not only this, the institute holds vast alumni setup. Their alumni are currently engaged in numerous different settings, containing international NGOs and social entrepreneurship. The discrete research benefits of the staff are our priority, the proficiencies of students and the extensive work of ISE in civic engagement helps student building their career.

This will surely show a clear sense of a university department which mergers academic brilliance with theory and research in an environment which cultivates student knowledge and skill.

Application Status:

In order to get Application for admission in this university, the request must be made to the Central Applications Office. Requests may be submitted at the website,

  • Normal limit of application: 1 February
  • Late limit of application: 1 May
  • Last minute change: 1 July

The Irish School of Ecumenics is dedicated to the education and advancement of information flow, peace and settlement in Ireland and other worldwide contexts. ISE is documented for its dynamic interdisciplinary method to coach, investigation and social arrangement.

M.Phil. courses are available in 

Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies

International Peace Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies 

Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Specific modules discourse the crossing fields of theology, ecumenical and world faiths, politics, international dealings, peace and resolution, ethics and social philosophy. Academic and applied research are the main focus at the core of the ISE, where students and teaching faculty involve with serious issues presently facing global civilizations, governments, faith communities and international organizations and NGOs dedicated to the preferment of peace and resolution.

If you are considering enrolling yourself for foreign education, this is one of the best choices available for students. Students engaging in research degrees like M.Litt. Or Ph.D. can select to do their research in any one of the Dublin or Belfast facility. 


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