The Memorial University of Newfoundland

Harlow is linked to Cambridge and London by road and railway line and its hardly a 40 minutes ride on a train to reach both cities.

By providing quality educational programs while trying to maintain a profile which is attractive to creative students with the belief that this is only by education and development that people can learn to tolerate and understand each other. 

Both professional schools and academic departments use Harlow Campus to offer programs and serves as a base for faculty members and graduate students conducting research or further study in the UK.

The Harlow Campus is an integral part of Memorial University’s internationalization plan,The overall goal is to provide:

  • Outstanding education
  • Preparing graduates for the global challenges

Study at Harlow

Various schools and academic departments at Memorial use the Harlow Campus to provide specialized internships and experiential learning. It is advised that students who are interested in attending the Harlow Campus must get relevant information from the respective departments about the Programs offered at Harlow. Here is the list of programs offered at the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Harlow Campus:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Consuming Cultures
  • Education
  • English Cultural Landscape
  • Fine Arts 
  • Literary London
  • Music
  • Pharmacy
  • Political Science
  • Social Work 
  • Theatre and Drama

Students are advised to contact the Blundon Centre before traveling to Harlow if they have any problems due to a disability

Although the shopping hours are much shorter in England, but luckily there is a 24-hour grocery store nearby. There are many nightclubs, 10-pin bowling, Odeon cinema and the Play House Theater in Harlow Town Centre.


  • Harlow Development Corporation Scholarship Trust
  • The Harlow Travel Awards
  • The Linfield Award
  • The Baine Johnston Corporation Scholarship for International Study
  • The Peter Gardiner Award for International Study

Who can apply ?

The students of BBA and can apply for the Harlow program. All the students who want to get admission must submit an application at Registrar office

Eligibility for Graduation

In order to get approved for graduation program,you must satisfy all the basic requirements.You must not have outstanding fees in your student account almost two weeks prior to the first day of your convocation.

Apply to Graduate

When you start the end semester of your academic program,you must plan to submit an Application for Graduation through Memorial Self-Service under the Graduation menu option.Without submitting the form, you will not be considered for graduation automatically. You will not be considered for graduation if you didn’t submit the form.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees and all other fees must be paid when you go for registration.There must not be any pending dues on your side when you go for registration.It be made up of of fees for the following semester and any outstanding fees from previous semesters.Once you register for courses you have to attend those courses unless you drop them by the appropriate deadlines.

All the Fees

  • Recreation fee
  • Late Registration Fee
  • Late Payment Fee

The flexible course structure allows students to include a course of foundation study followed by a selection of modules related to their chosen degree program.


Harlow Campus, TheMaltings St Johns Walk, Old Harlow Essex, CM17 0AJ, United Kingdom

Tel: (0)1279 455900