Overseas Government Employee

This page will throw information about how you can apply to come to the United Kingdom to work as an overseas government employee.

To be considered as an overseas government employee, you must be intending to work in the United Kingdom as an employee of:

  • An overseas government; or
  • A United Nations organisation; or
  • Another international organisation of which the United Kingdom is a member.

You will just be given permission to live in the United Kingdom for a set/fix period of time, at the end of this period you will need to either go back home or apply to extend your stay.

The overseas government employee type can be a short or long-term immigration category. We will only extend your overseas government employee visa if you are still employed by the same organisation that you were working for when you were given permission to enter the United Kingdom. Once you have been in the United Kingdom for 5 years an overseas government employee you are entitled to apply to live permanently.

Please note the overseas government arrangements are due to be deleted later this year when the new points-based Temporary worker – Tier 5 is launched.