Parent of a Child at School

Parent of a Child at School in the UK

There was a time when the BES (British Education System) was well-liked for its quality of education, volume of attention being given to every single student and the equivalency of the UK primary education to the highest standards of education. Although things are not the same since those times but there has not been any radical changes in the education system of the UK which could affect the number of strangers looking towards the UK for their children’s education. People still like their children to attend British Schools and live in an atmosphere, which is most suitable for their upbringing and their education. Nowadays one can find a lot of children who have come down from their home countries to have the privilege of studying at UK schools for a promising future. In addition to good education the children need some one who can take care of them who could be a legal guardian or parents of the child.

This type of entry clearance / visa is in fact a sub category of the Visitor’s Visa category and is hence subject to the same rules and restrictions. The only difference is that the maximum period allowed for the applicant to stay in the UK under this category is 12 months as compared to visit visa where the candidates are only allowed to stay for 6 months at one occasion, after which they have to leave the UK. There are however, no such rules which stops a person from applying again for this type of visa for another 12 months` time provided the candidate do not plan to make the UK his / her main / permanent home and the age of the child remains under 12 years.