Pepperdine University

Are you worried about your school in Lois Angels California, and then here is the solution to all your worries. PEPPERRDINE UNIVESITY is giving you everything in your studies you want so hurry up! Before, the admissions close. Enrolling today will give you a better future tomorrow.

Historical Background:

You will be thinking about the institution and its historical background in the American Education system, but you will be amazed to know that it is a nonprofit university specially developed for free research work providing funds to the young scholars of the nation to promote education and make progressive developments for the future of the nation.

It is affiliated with the churches of Christ a religious organization having one belief in the modern testament of Christianity; Apart from religious organization, it is helping the needy through charity.

If you are planning to settle in California for your education then PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY is giving you the best study programs including International Law and Economics with various other fields of study.

Future Horizons:

PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY is giving the youth a chance of free research to add to their achievements by providing research funds and many other benefits, these researchers will become the future of the whole world to make progress not for their country but for all humanity. The university is known for the intergradation of faith and learning. Whose graduates lead purposeful lives to change the future horizon? George Pepperdine envisioned an institution that would transform students’ lives so that they would, in turn, impact culture. He imagined a vast body of alumni—men, and women conscious of their good fortune, receivers of the plentiful gift of Christian education. The university has a mission to make the dream of every student a reality without making his finance an unusual issue.


It is one of the oldest universities founded in 1937 with new steps in the Education system of America introducing new fields with new techniques all are available in this just need you to enroll now!

Its future mission is quite clear to all, giving knowledge with all its benefits to the young and talented youth of the nation with divine knowledge protected in great hands to secure man’s future for the coming generation.

Admissions and Aids:

As I told you people early it is not only a religious institution associated with Christ’s churches but an organization of seeking knowledge with a separate school for every field. It is not an issue whether you are an undergraduate or graduate PEPPERDINE Team will lead you to a better future with great educational aid prior to your financial conditions(only for US citizens). 

How to Find Us?

Through the fast use of the internet it is easy to find us, just log into PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY and send an email regarding your query or find the following address


24255 Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu, CA 90263

(310) 506-4000

  • Located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Canyon Road
  • Parking provided on campus