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Work permits are issued by Work Permits (UK), part of the Home Office’s Border and Immigration Agency. A work permit relates to a specific person and a particular job. The work permit scheme lets UK employers recruit or transfer people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), while still protecting the interests of resident workers in the UK.

UK Investor VisaThe  innovators category has now closed to new applicants. If you want to come to the United Kingdom to work or invest, or you are already here in another immigration category and wish to extend your living permission, you now need to apply under Tier 1 of our points-based system.
UK Innovators VisaThe innovators category has now closed to new candidates. If you want to come to the UK to work or invest, or you are already here in another immigration type and want to extend your stay, you now need to apply under Tier 1 of our points-based system.
UK Working Holiday Maker VisaThe working holidaymaker scheme allows nationals of participating Commonwealth countries, British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizens, or British nationals (overseas) who are aged between 17 and 30 to come to the United Kingdom for a holiday of up to two years.
United Kingdom AncestryThis page describes how Commonwealth citizens with a grandparent who was born in the UK may be able to apply for permission to live and work here. If you are a citizen of a Commonwealth country and one of your grandparents was born in the United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands or Isle of Man), you have United Kingdom ancestry.
Overseas Government EmployeeThis page will throw information about how you can apply to come to the United Kingdom to work as an overseas government employee.
Overseas Domestic Worker VisaThe domestic worker category allows overseas companies to bring their domestic workers with them when he/she tours or moves to the United Kingdom. To be eligible as a domestic worker you must be a well-known member of the employer’s staff.
Writers, Composers and ArtistsThis page relates to self-employed creative persons who want either to establish themselves in the United Kingdom or to go to the UK for a limited period in order to display and sell their work. Such persons must have already established themselves outside the UK as writers, composers or artists.
Teachers and language AssistantGenerally, Teachers from overseas who are suitably qualified may only come to the United Kingdom for full time job by getting a work permit. However, teachers and language assistants coming to schools in the United Kingdom under approved exchange schemes may be admitted without work permits under Rules.
The International Association for the Exchange of Students of Technical Experience (IAESTE)IAESTE was founded in London in 1948 and has links with UNESCO. The organization is responsible for sponsoring the swap of students attending universities and other educational institutes of higher education in different countries for practical experience in industry during their long holidays.
Gap Year Entrants for Work in SchoolsThis page describes how you can apply to come to work in the UK during your gap year, a period of up to one year between leaving secondary education and starting tertiary education.
EntertainersTo perform or entertain, you would need a performer/Entertainer visa if you are not looking to stay more than 6 months. For more than 6 months, you will need a work permit. We will inform you properly and direct you towards making the right application.
Seasonal Agricultural Workers SchemeThis page explains what the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) is and how you can apply. The page also gives information for farmers and growers wishing to employ seasonal workers. The SAWS is designed to allow farmers and cultivators in the United Kingdom to recruit low-skilled overseas workers to undertake short-term agricultural work.
Voluntary WorkersHere you can get information about how you can apply to come to the UK to take part in voluntary work.
There is no provision under the migration policy for voluntary workers to come to the UK. The information in this Page is a concession outside the rules that has been made to support charity work and youth mobility.
Rudolf Steiner EstablishmentsThere are about seventy establishments in the United Kingdom which apply the principles of Rudolf Steiner to the teaching and development of children and adults. Some of these establishments cater for normal children but others are for children and adults who are mentally handicapped and maladjusted.
Au PairsHere you can get the information about what the au pairs scheme is and how you can apply to come to the UK to work as an au pair.
BUNAC SchemeThe British Universities North America Club (BUNAC) organizes visits of students at American and British universities. Under this category, American students (i.e. citizens of the USA who are students in America, or on study abroad programmes, including those studying at Canadian universities), who come to the UK with BUNAC may, if they want, take any job of their interest for all of part of their stay.
Research Assistants to Members of ParliamentOverseas nationals engaged as research assistants to Members of Parliament perhaps admitted for this purpose without a work permit as a concession outside the Rules. These Research Assistants will usually be expected to be students going to the United Kingdom to examine and learn about British government and politics before returning abroad to resume their studies or career.