Prospective Student Visa to UK

If you want to apply for your visa but have not yet received confirmation that your offer is unconditional, then you should apply for a “Prospective Student” visa, up to six months before your program will start. You would need to show that you plan to study on the degree programme, but that your place is not yet confirmed. You must also show that you have financial support in place for the duration of your studies, to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs.

To apply for a Prospective Student Visa, complete the form for a Student Visa and provide the same required documents. However, in Question 6.1.1 tick the box to confirm that you do not have an unconditional offer, then give full details of the programme you plan to study. You would not be allowable to do any work on a prospective student visa, though it can be extended as a student visa once your place is confirmed, which would allow you to take some employment/job. However, there is a high cost for an extension application and applications can take 4-6 weeks to be processed.


You will be required to show that you intend to follow a course of studies but that you have not been accepted into a recognised course of study at an approved institution yet, can financially support yourself whilst in the UK and will not undertake employment.