Queen’s University

Located in Kingston, Canada, Queen’s university is considered as the topmost public research university. It was founded on 16th of October in 1841. Queen Victoria issued a royal charter and it was opened according to that charter and is named after the name of Queen Victoria. Throughout Ontario in Canada, Queen’s university approximately occupies the area of 3500 acres or you may say 1400 hectares. The Herstmonceux Castle which is located in England in the East Sussex is also owned by Queen’s university.

Queen’s university further is organized or divided into schools, graduate, professional faculties and almost 10 undergraduate. With the help of the royal charter from Queen Victoria, in 1841 Queen’s college was established by the Church of Scotland. The first classes that were held in 1842 on the 7th march were of ministry. That is they were supposed to teach the students the ministry skills.

Queen’s university owns its own flag. It has three colors in it red, blue and gold. The three vertical stripes are displayed on the flag and each strip consists of the different color as mentioned before. Even though the ceremonial flag is reserved for the Queen’s university officials, and this flag shows a square design of the Queen’s coat of arms.

The university occupies a large area and is bordered to the southeast by Kingston General Hospital, east by the city parks, Lake Ontario to the south. While the residential area covers it from all the other possible directions. Other than the campus’s original site the university holds the private land too. But the major part of the facilities is grabbed by the original site of Campus. Queen’s university owns several different areas in Ontario, Central Frontenac Township, East Sussex and in Rideau Lake as well.

Queen’s university is a co-educational university and has more than 131,000 alumni worldwide and 23,000 students. The notable alumni of Queen’s university include academics, business leaders, and government officials. While almost 56 Rhodes Scholars are also included in Queen’s alumni.

In Canada, the Queen’s university was ranked 4th by the Maclean’s university ranking in the 2015-2016. While it was ranked 206th in the world by the QS world university rankings and was ranked tenth in Canada. While in the field of clinical medicines and social sciences, it was placed at rank 151 out of total 200. And for the other law schools situated in Canada Queen’s university was ranked third in the 1013 ranking by Maclean’s university ranking.

A great number of different and unique media outlets are operated by the Queen’s university students through the environment of the campus. The main Queen’s student newspaper is named as The Queen’s Journal. Two issues are published in one week. And if counting totally Queen’s journal point out 40 issues in a year.


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Phone number:(613) 533-2000