Research Assistants to MP

Overseas nationals engaged as research assistants to Members of Parliament perhaps admitted for this purpose without a work permit as a concession outside the Rules. These Research Assistants will usually be expected to be students going to the United Kingdom to examine and learn about British government and politics before returning abroad to resume their studies or career.

Entry Clearance Requirements
The candidate must be able to produce documentary evidence to verify his/her appointment as a research assistant with the MP (Members of Parliament) concerned.

A person seeking entry clearance as a research assistant will need to satisfy the ECO that he/she meets the requirements below.

To benefit under the concession the applicant, as well as providing evidence of his/her appointment, must be able to show that:

  • He/she can sustain and accommodate himself/herself without option to public funds; and
  • He/she is not being paid more than reasonable expenses from a UK source; and
  • His/her stay in the UK for this purpose should be incidental to his/her studies or career abroad.

Entry clearance endorsement

Entry clearance should be granted for up to one year on Code 4.

Related foreign nationals who are granted entry clearance for longer than 6 months should be required to register with the police.

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