Rudolf Steiner Establishments

There are about seventy establishments in the United Kingdom which apply the principles of Rudolf Steiner to the teaching and development of children and adults. Some of these establishments cater for normal children but others are for children and adults who are mentally handicapped and maladjusted. Most of these centers are run on communal lines and the staff generally receives little or no remuneration.

Applicants must produce a letter confirming his appointment from one of the listed establishments. A person coming to take up a post as a qualified teacher may be admitted without a work permit.
Endorsement – Code 4 under the Rudolf Steiner Establishments (Camphill Communities) provision.

Rudolf Steiner Establishments
There is no provision under the scheme for any dependants of participants to accompany them to the UK or to join them in the UK, unless they qualify for leave to enter in their own right.

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