The families of asylum seekers, whose claims have not been determined, do not be eligible to join them in the UK for family reunion’s related matters.

Adopted Child of Settled PersonYou must be able to show that:you currently live and are settled in the United Kingdom legally, with no time limit on your stayyou can adequately support and house your child without help from public funds
Child or Dependent Relative of a Settled PersonA child cannot normally go to live in the UK if one parent is living abroad, unless the parent in the UK has sole parental responsibility for the child, or if there are serious reasons why the child should be allowed to join the parent in the UK. (Exceptions may be made for children under 12 years of age.)
Family ReunionThis lesson gives guidance to ECOs on the consideration of applications made by family members who want to be reunited with a person in the UK who has been.
Marriage / Civil partnershipThis type of visa allows a person to enter and remain in the United Kingdom on the basis of marriage to, or a civil partnership of, a person present and settled in the United Kingdom that is to a person who is a British citizen, holds Indefinite Leave to Remain or enjoys the Right of Abode.
Husband / Wife / Civil partnerThis content explains how your husband, wife or civil partner can join you in the UK if you are permanent resident in this country.
Unmarried and Same-Sex Partners The policy allows for persons who are not married or in a civil partnership to join a partner who is settled there provided certain situations are met. The Rules also apply to partners of sponsors in the United Kingdom who have limited leave to enter or remain in the following types.
Application for SettlementValid Passport (+ photocopy of Bio-Data Page), Previous Passports, Complete Visa Application Form, One recent passport-size photograph, Copy of National Identity Card, Correct Fee, A Valid TB Health Screening Certificate (for age 11 upward/application 6m+visa)