Student Dependant Visa

The explanation of dependant in the immigration rules that apply to students are:

  • A married partner (spouse)
  • A civil partner
  • Any dependant children under the age of 18

This means that bachelors’ are not considered dependants and are not eligible to apply for entry to the United Kingdom as a student dependant. Note also that parents and other family members are not considered dependants in the immigration rules for students and are also not eligible to accompany a student as a dependant.

If you wish to join your spouse/civil partner and/or dependant children to the United Kingdom with you, it is best if they apply for a visa at the same time as you. Their application form should make clear that they are accompanying you and that you will be here as a student. If they do not apply at the same time as you, they should make sure that they include in their application a copy of your passport identity page, a copy of your United Kingdom student visa and if possible, a letter from the University confirming your status here (this letter can be obtained from the Undergraduate Office or Graduate Schools Office). Again, their application form should state clearly that they are accompanying you and that you will be here as a student. In all cases, they should check before arriving in the UK that their visa gives them dependant status. If a mistake is made and they arrive in the UK with visitor status, it is difficult to correct this error in the UK. Dependants should be given the same period of leave as the student.

In most cases, if your visa is for 12 months or more, your spouse will be allowed to work in the United Kingdom. He or she should check the visa stamp cautiously for the conditions that have been applied. However, you will need to show that you can accommodate and sustain yourself and your dependants without recourse to public funds and without relying on any potential future income in the UK, as this income is not guaranteed. Your dependants may also study part or full-time if they wish.