Students on Pre-Sessional Courses

This website answers key questions about students coming to do pre-sessional courses. The information is based on our statement of intent published on 30 July 2008. The information on this site will be updated as home office continues to develop the policy over the next few months.

What is a pre-sessional course?

A pre-sessional course is:

  • An intensive English language course; or
  • A course to prepare you for your full-time study course.

If you have an unconditional offer from a licensed sponsor

If you have an unconditional offer, we will give permission for both courses at the same time if you are doing the pre-sessional course:

  • with the same sponsor as your full-time course; or
  • with a partner institution named on the sponsor license.

If you have a conditional offer from a licensed sponsor

If you only have a conditional offer to do your full-time course, you will need to apply to do the pre-sessional course first. If you successfully finish that course, you should apply for an extension while inside the United Kingdom to continue your studies on your full-time course.

Can I apply?

To be able to travel to the United Kingdom as a student after March 2009, you must pass a points-based assessment and score 40 points before you come. You score:

  • 30 points for a visa letter from a licensed sponsor; and
  • 10 points if you can show you have enough finances to cover your course fees and monthly living expenses (known as maintenance).

How much will my application cost?

The student visa application fee is currently £99.

Can I work?

You will be able to work:

  • part-time work during term-time which is no more than 20 hours a week;
  • full-time work during vacations.