The American University in London

The American University in London is a multi-purpose University that provides the dynamic and flexible types of study demanded by today’s world. This university maintains the highest academic standards.

By providing quality educational programs while trying to maintain a profile that is attractive to creative students with the belief that this is only through education and development that people can learn to tolerate and understand each other.

Education in the world today has taken a turn for the better. So many people are now admitting the fact now that education paves the way for a good life; It offers a helping hand to those who need it. Knowledge does not distinguish between barriers of color, creed, and belief.

The American University in London offers the following programs:

  • School of English
  • School of Business
  • School of Computer & Engineering
  • School of Law
  • School of Liberal Arts and Education

Admission Requirements

For Graduate Programmes:

Students who want to go for graduate studies should possess an honors degree from an American or British University or any equivalent qualification approved by The American University in London. Students who don’t fulfill the above requirement may be required to take a preparatory course of study before their admission to the chosen program.

For Undergraduate Programs:

  • Pre-university qualifications are necessary to join an undergraduate program.
  • Any qualification approved by The American University in London.

English Language Requirements:

All the abroad students must pass an English Language Test. There are various types of English Language tests but here is the list of UKBA-approved tests:

  • Integrated Skills in English
  • Graded Examinations in Spoken English
  • IELTS Life Skills

Financial Guarantee:

All Students are required to pay the tuition fee in full, in advance, and sign a statement confirming that they will be able to keep up with themselves for the period of their studies.

Accommodation and Transport

The Accommodation Officer provides help in arranging lodgings in London and students must write to the accommodation officer at the time of acceptance of the offer of admission. The Accommodation Officer also advises students on travel in Britain.


All students are required to carry their own health and accident insurance, right from the beginning to the end of their course of study with the AUL.

Police Registration

A foreign national aged 16 or over who is granted leave to study, possibly will need to register with the Police, if leave is granted will extend his stay beyond six months. Such obligation is printed in the student’s passport and he/ she is required to present her/himself to the nearest police station (or the Aliens Registration Office in London) within seven days of the requirement being imposed.

If the Immigration Officer forced a condition keeping out employment on somebody who later establishes satisfactorily that he/she is engaged in a full-time course of studies, the condition may be varied to one permitting him/ her to take approved employment. Except as pointed out in this paragraph, employment is unreliable with student status.

Address and Contact info:

Wembley Point, 1 Harrow Road


London HA9 6DE

United Kingdom

Telephone:    + 44 (0)207 263 2986 


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