Top Ten Universities of London

For those students who have a desire for higher and quality education, the United Kingdom Regardless of the educational background, country, or origin you belong to, the UK opens its doors to deserving students who want to excel by having a quality education. In the UK universities are providing the facility to choose any of the desired fields the student wants whether it is a medical science or a business degree ending up with engineering studies and getting admission in any of the worthy universities isn’t a tricky task.

The universities there are the top-ranked universities in the whole world one can easily get admitted once he meets up some prerequisites set by the country these include some basics like English language testing and scoring admission in them is easy by considering some factors like academic records, and visa and health concerns. 

University of London

Ranked at Number 7th in the world ranking is London’s top university. University College London is a multidiscipline institution. The difference between Imperial College of London and University College London is the variety of courses available. The particular college has the highest number of Post Graduate students that is 52%.

Imperial College London

Degrading in the international ranking and currently ranked at number 8th, Imperial College London is the second university in London. The university has a strong global appeal and it’s quite famous for its spacious green parks.

King’s College London 

It is one of the oldest colleges in London. Ranking at 19th place in the world is King’s College. The university has developed its fame for researchers and there were 26,000 enrollments for the last year.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Having the perk of being the only university that provides education related to the Social sciences. The university is ranked 35th in the world. There are more than 100 languages spoken on the campus.

Queen Mary, University of London

The university offers a wide range of subjects. Enrolling students from more than 151 nationalities and providing quality education for dentistry and medicine. This university is ranked at number 5th in London and 109th globally.

Royal Holloway, University of London

The university is located at a distance from London, its actual location is a small town named Egham. It has a student population from over 100 countries and the campus is the most beautiful campus among all the other universities.

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

The university focuses on providing education related to languages, cultures, and societies from Africa, the Middle East, and Asian countries. The university also has its fame for its lush green gardens and artistic buildings.

Birkbeck College, University of London

The only university that provides the liberty to complete full-length degrees during their evening sessions is Birkbeck College. It is situated close to UCL and has a large student body.

City University London

Ranked at number 301 in the world, this university is famous for its City Law School.

Brunel University

The university is named after an Engineer. The arena is known for the quality education in Engineering and design Courses.