Top Ten Universities of the UK

For most of the students planning to continue higher studies abroad, Great Britain would be their impulse. The reason for the popularity of the UK among different individuals is the diverse range, of courses, offered and the multiple institutions seeking applications for enrollment. According to a local body survey universities in the UK offer admissions in more than 1,000 institutions with the option to choose above 22,000 courses. In the UK offers, admissions are offered at all levels whether it is secondary school or a vocational training course extending up to admissions in universities thus receiving an education in the UK is no longer a dream. It has also been noted that certain institutes have organized classes for English language courses to aid students in better understanding of courses and making the environment healthier. In the UK education is the prime responsibility of the state itself. The government funds its citizens to tackle the hectic Compulsory education while in the state basic education starts at the age of five.

University of Cambridge

Located in Cambridge England this university is ranked as the top in the UK. Having an international student ratio of 18.7% and with the courses offered in Economics, Law and Science this is certainly a great option.

University of  Oxford

Lying at the second-ranked is the famous Oxford University the university was established in 1096 and is currently having an international student percentage of 14.3%. the courses offered here are Humanities, MBA, and Law.

Imperial College of London

Established in 1907 this university is situated in the heart of UK, London. The university currently has the greatest percentage of international students which is near about 39%. The courses taught at this university are Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

The University of St. Andrews

Ranking at the number fourth is the University of St. Andrews. This is situated in Scotland with roots as old as 1413.  The university is quite expensive than other universities of the region and is famous for the subjects related to international relations, computer sciences, and physics.

Durham University

Providing the education related to the Psychology, IT and English Durham University is ranked 5th among the universities of UK. It was established in 1832 and subjects for its fame are Psychology, IT, and English.

University of Warwick

This university has quite a handsome international student population. This international student here comprises of 25.8% of the total student strength. Built in Poverty, the university is providing education in Economics and international Studies.

University of Exeter

Situated towards the south of the country, university of Exeter is providing the courses related to Business, Economics and IT. The university was established in 1955 and is currently having 18% of international students.

University of Surrey

Proving the fields of Engineering and Sociology ranked at number 8th is the University of Surrey.

London School of Economics

At the 9th position is the institution know worldwide for its studies related to Economics.

University College London

Providing the education related to the medicine, science, and law towards the 10th number is University College London.

In a nutshell, the major cause for the hype of traveling towards the Great Britain for educational purposes is its sound roots that have been developed by the time.