Under this scheme (TWES) an employer/company can apply to bring an overseas / non -EU citizen or member of employees to the UK for a limited period of work experience or professional training.

More Detail:
The purpose of this Scheme is to give permission to an applicant to gain skills in the UK which can be helpful in his home country. It is not means to be used by you to employ any staff who you need for your business. In addition, UK companies with branch offices overseas can advantage by training their overseas staff in the UK or international companies can set up training centers inside the UK.

If the applicant is coming to the UK to benefit your UK operations, then they will need a work permit. A TWES permit will only be granted to a person who is engaged in a capacity additional to the normal staffing requirements of the employer. The differences and similarities between permits for training, and permits for work experience are explained below:

Training Permits:

This allows to people to enter in UK to receive training that is not without difficulty available in their own country. To qualify, the training should normally lead to a recognized professional qualification. You should have:

  • Educational or professional qualifications
  • Express capability to benefit from training
  • The training should be undertaken for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • There should be a detailed Programme covering the training content and duration.

You can be permitted entry to the UK for up to 3 years.

Work Experience Scheme
The Work Experience Scheme is usually for 1 year but can be increased to 2 years.

  • The work experience should be related to previous employment or academic study.
  • You must be excess to the employers normal staffing needs
  • The work should be for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • A detailed Programme must be provided for the period

If one have a TWES permit for 12 months or under, one must spend at least 12 months out side the UK before you can come back in a work capacity. If you have a TWES permit for over 12 months, you must spend at least 24 months outside the UK before being able to return.