UK Visa requirements and supporting documents

UK Visa requirements and supporting documents

If you are planning to travel to UK it is kind of inevitable that there will be certain requirements you will have to complete or otherwise your dream of travelling might not be fulfilled. 

You may have heard that the dream of travelling comes with the reality of paperwork involved. Paperwork and proper documentation can make your dream come true and can let you immerse into the beautiful culture of United Kingdom by staying here forever. 

The government comes up with different kind of visas because people and their intention or purpose to visit a country is different. Students from all over the world have chosen UK as their study destination because of the quality education and the environment which polishes a student and bring the best outta him/her. 

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria are there to ensure that the person who wants to travel to some country has a peaceful purpose for going there. The person has no criminal record in the past and is an innocent civilian in his home country too. 

If a person is considered eligible and has all the qualities which would make him eligible then his chances of visa approval will brighten. 

Supporting Documents 

The first and foremost things regarding the documents is that all of they must be in good condition and must be originals. Photocopies won’t be accepted so its better at the time of documentation of you gather all the original ones. 

Although it’s a noteworthy point that the submission of these documents would not guarantee that your application will be successful. You should keep both the possibilities in your mind at the time of applying. 

If you submit a document which is not in English then there must be a supporting document with full translation that can be verified by the Home office. This translated document must contain: 

-Date of Translation

-Translator’s full name 

-Translator’s signature

-Contact details of translator 

-Guarantee from translator that it’s an authentic translation of the original document 


you will need 

-A valid travel document. 

-A passport sized photograph 

You will also need to provide financial documents to ensure you can support your stay in the country:

-Building society book

-Bank statements 

-Proof of earning such as an Employer letter and details employment which includes the details of your salary, role, Company’s name etc. 

-Details of a third party which is in UK and is interested to support you financially.

You would have to submit documents to show that the third party is a reliable source and can support you financially. 

You will need to provide your details of education and employment. This includes

-A letter from your education provider, on headed paper, confirming your enrolment and leave. 

-A letter from your employer on company headed paper, detailing your salary, role and length of employment. 

If you are under 18

your birth certificate or legal document.If you’re travelling alone then 

-A copy of your parents or legal guardian’s biographical page of their passport.

-A signed letter from your parents which can confirm details of anyone accompanying you plus the details of accommodation in arranged in United Kingdom.