United Kingdom Visa Types

UK is one of the most demanding countries these days, and is frequently used for traveling in different cases. If you want to study abroad or need to work in the foreign country, UK is one of the best opportunities available. England, Scotland or Wales, most of the people enter there on different kind of categories. If you’re a traveler or going on corporate tour, all you will require is a UK passport and visa. There are different categories of visa on which people apply for UK. In case you were formerly refused to enter the United Kingdom, then you will be needed to have a visa to enter the country. 

Here are some common types of via people use to travel to UK

Visitor Visa

In some cases, when you are presently living in the UK but you don’t have a passport, then this will be a perfect solution for you to have a suitable tourist visa for you. You need to have a legal green card, or a valid UK visa which in these cases mostly falls under H1B, F1, or employment approval card in order to be entitled. You can check the complete list of appropriate documents need for this visa.

Study Visa 

The student visa falls under Tier 4 visa and basically for those proposing to study in a UK school or institute. This is usually legal for the time you are enrolled in a session or required course along with a little extra time. Considering the visa, there are some categories of Student Visas that are valid for a short time period of probably less than 6 months. 

Business Visitor Visa

One of the most commonly used visas is the Business Visitor Visa. In case you are planning to go for a business trip, and are presently living in the UK but don’t have a UK passport, then this will be a perfect business visa for you. The requirement will be the same as for another basic visa like you have a legal green card, a valid UK visa, or service endorsement card in order to be qualified. 

UK Work Visa 

This visa is basically for those who are appointed due to lack of skilled workers in the UK. The most frequently used visa accessible for UK falls under Tier 2 category but make sure to go through a professional service to verify all your documents before applying.

Settlement Visa

In case you are living in UK as a permanent citizen, or you are a family member of a UK resident and working in the UK, and plan to go live with them, for this situation this is the visa you require so that you can enter UK. This is applied in conditions if you are the wife/husband, civil partner, fiancé, and single partner, minor dependent like a child or adopted child and in some cases parent dependent of this UK resident or local.

Transit Visa

There are sometimes when you are going to a country and have to stop in-between to another country and you are not a UK passport holder, you may require a transit visa.