University of Notre Dame

The university of Notre Dame is a catholic research university located in the United Kingdom and the leading university of UK that offers unique and wonderful academic environment for students. This university has the best catholic scholars and enriched by great cultural tradition that has an exceptional teaching history. Notre Dame University has an outstanding spirit and believes that religious values are also important as scientific knowledge. The motto of this university is learning to think rigorously and serves for humanity so stood for values before world’s facts. 

In the university of Notre Dame, you will find a different community of teachers, students, researchers and scholars who are committed to their work and mission of spreading education. London is the gateway for many people who come in London for seeking jobs and for getting an education. It is the main global gateway that raises the mission of students and makes a better profile of university activities. That’s why London is a major city of UK where many educational seminars, workshops, conferences and many events were held for many years and consider the city of intellectuals. 

As well as the University of Notre Dame has great importance and give a way to graduate and undergraduate students to enhance their skills and get better educational experience. In this university students have semester system study and get the chance of studying by in London from many intelligent lecturers of different British universities.  And Notre faculty members have collaboration with British and Europeans institutions to improve their skills of research. 

In the university of Notre Dame, there were many programs that are an offer to students including history, finance, politics, literature, accountancy, economics, psychology, art history, public relations, art and entertainment and also internship programs in the field of business. There are also some courses offers to students to get experience in the political and cultural history of the city. And with other courses students gets experience to work in theater and stage dramas of London. This is an outstanding chance presented to a small cohort.

In the university of Notre Dame, every student are responsible for creating community which honors the human dignity of every member and that is described by true love and active care. The University’s standards of behavior reflect our promise to this model. And every person works for the betterment of human life and create a development of the community. University also reserves the right to deal with any misconduct issue or any violation of law. 

The University management gives confidence students to build up independence and learn to live kind life with others. If any student has worries and problems in their life and they want to discuss their problem with management so they can discuss in a confidential environment.  

Ann many other facilities are available for students in which they live and study easily. Even students can get unique chance of staying within historical sites, landmarks and cultural activities of London. And have a chance to explore the beauty of London that is the most demanding city of UK. 

University of Notre Dame Address:

1 Suffolk St, London SW1Y 4HG, United Kingdom


+44 20 7484 7800