Requirement of Documentation

Application For A Visit Visa

Sr. #Requirement of Documentation
01Valid Passport (+ photocopy of Bio-Data Page) *
02Previous Passports  *
03Complete Visa Application Form  *
04One recent passport-size photograph  *
05Copy of National Identity Card  *
06Correct Fee  *
 Employment / Finances
07Employment / Study Letter
08Other Evidences of Business / Study
09Evidence of Tax Payments
10Business Bank Statement
11Personal Bank Statement
12Evidence of Savings
13Sponsorship Declaration
14Copy of Passport Bio-Data Page
15Bank Statement
16Utility Bill
17National Insurance / Tax Documentation
18Accounts of Business
19Full Tendency Agreement
20Property Ownership Document
21Property Ownership Report
 Personal Circumstances
22Marriage Certificate
23Form B (Certificate of Children under 18yrs)
24Medical / Doctors Correspondence
25Evidence of Land Ownership
26Evidence of Property Ownership
27Photocopy of Parents Passport / Visa (If Child Application)
28Other Evidence : Please specify

Those fields are marked with the sign of are quite compulsory.