Global Executive MBA in London Business School

Are you ready to elevate your career to new heights? Imagine embarking on a transformative journey that will not only broaden your horizons but also empower you with the skills to lead on a global scale. Welcome to the Global Executive MBA program at London Business School – an exceptional opportunity to unlock your potential and embrace your future success.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Global Executive MBA?
  • Why Choose London Business School?
  • The Distinctive Features of the Program
  • Program Curriculum and Structure
  • Embracing Diversity and Global Perspective
  • The London Advantage
  • World-Class Faculty and Industry Experts
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Admission Criteria and Application Process
  • Financing Your Global Executive MBA
  • Life as a Global Executive MBA Student
  • Alumni Success Stories
  • Conclusion

What is a Global Executive MBA?

A Global Executive MBA is a prestigious business management program specifically designed for seasoned professionals with significant work experience. It provides a unique learning experience that allows professionals to gain essential business insights, enhance their leadership acumen, and expand their global network. The program is structured to accommodate the busy schedules of working executives, ensuring minimal disruption to their existing careers.

Why Choose London Business School?

London Business School stands as a beacon of academic excellence, consistently ranked among the top business schools worldwide. With a reputation for producing visionary leaders, the school offers an unparalleled educational experience. Choosing London Business School for your Global Executive MBA means you’ll benefit from its outstanding faculty, diverse student community, and access to cutting-edge resources and opportunities.

The Distinctive Features of the Program

  • Intensive Learning Immersions: Immerse yourself in an intensive learning environment, allowing you to apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to real-world business challenges.
  • Global Residencies: Embark on international residencies, gaining exposure to different markets and cultures, and honing your ability to lead in diverse settings.
  • Action Learning Projects: Engage in action-oriented projects, collaborating with global organizations to devise innovative solutions to their business dilemmas.
  • Leadership Development: Sharpen your leadership skills through personalized coaching, feedback, and workshops, empowering you to inspire and lead teams effectively.

Program Curriculum and Structure

The Global Executive MBA program at London Business School encompasses a comprehensive curriculum that covers core business disciplines such as finance, marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship. It combines interactive classroom sessions, team projects, and hands-on experiential learning to foster a holistic understanding of business dynamics.

The program typically runs for 15 to 20 months, comprising multiple core modules and elective courses. Each module builds on the other, culminating in a capstone project that allows you to apply your knowledge to a real business scenario. This multifaceted approach ensures that you acquire a well-rounded skill set as you progress through the program.

Embracing Diversity and Global Perspective

One of the most enriching aspects of the Global Executive MBA program at London Business School is the diversity of its participants. Join a cohort of accomplished professionals from various industries, backgrounds, and countries. Engaging with such a diverse group broadens your global perspective, enhances your cross-cultural communication skills, and fosters lasting international networks.

The London Advantage

Studying in the heart of London offers an unparalleled advantage. The city serves as a melting pot of culture, finance, technology, and innovation, making it an ideal setting for truly global business education. Additionally, London Business School’s strong connections with the corporate world facilitate numerous networking and internship opportunities, opening doors to career advancement.

World-Class Faculty and Industry Experts

London Business School boasts an exceptional faculty comprising distinguished academics and industry experts. These thought leaders bring a wealth of practical knowledge and theoretical expertise to the classroom, enriching your learning experience. Engage with seasoned professionals who have navigated the complexities of the business world and gain insights from their success stories and challenges.

Networking Opportunities

The Global Executive MBA program creates a conducive environment for networking. Forge lifelong connections with your peers, faculty, and industry professionals through workshops, seminars, and networking events. These relationships will not only enrich your academic journey but also offer invaluable support in your professional endeavors.

Admission Criteria and Application Process

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey with the Global Executive MBA program at London Business School? To be part of this prestigious program, candidates must meet specific admission criteria and undergo a rigorous application process. Let’s delve into the details:

Work Experience:

As the Global Executive MBA program is tailored for seasoned professionals, applicants are expected to have a substantial amount of work experience. Typically, candidates should have a minimum of 8 to 10 years of professional experience, showcasing their career progression and leadership capabilities.

Academic Background:

Candidates must hold an undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized university or institution. A strong academic track record reflects the candidate’s commitment to excellence and sets the foundation for further academic pursuits.

Leadership Potential:

London Business School seeks individuals with demonstrated leadership potential. Candidates should showcase their ability to lead teams, drive initiatives, and make a positive impact in their respective fields.

Online Application:

The journey begins with the completion of an online application form, which serves as the initial step in the admission process. This form requires candidates to provide personal details, academic history, work experience, and extracurricular activities.

Essays and Statement of Purpose:

Applicants are required to submit a series of essays that highlight their motivations for pursuing the Global Executive MBA. The essays provide insights into the candidate’s aspirations, experiences, and unique contributions to the program.

Recommendation Letters:

As part of the application, candidates must provide two to three recommendation letters from individuals who can assess their professional accomplishments, leadership potential, and suitability for the program.

GMAT/GRE Scores:

London Business School does not have a strict requirement for GMAT or GRE scores. However, submitting these standardized test scores can enhance the candidate’s application, particularly if they wish to showcase their quantitative and analytical abilities.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in an interview with the admissions committee. The interview provides an opportunity for the candidate to further demonstrate their suitability for the program and allows the committee to assess their interpersonal skills and potential fit within the cohort.

English Language Proficiency:

For candidates whose native language is not English, proficiency in the English language is essential. Applicants are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores to validate their language proficiency.

Application Fee:

An application fee is applicable and must be paid before the application can be processed. This fee contributes to the administrative costs of managing the application process.

Selection Process:

The admissions committee at London Business School employs a holistic approach when evaluating applications. They assess each candidate based on their work experience, academic background, leadership potential, interview performance, and overall fit with the program’s values and culture.

Financing Your Global Executive MBA

Investing in your education is a significant decision, and the Global Executive MBA program at London Business School opens doors to a world of opportunities. To support candidates on this transformative journey, various financing options are available. Let’s explore how you can financially plan for your Global Executive MBA:

Scholarships and Fellowships:

London Business School offers a range of scholarships and fellowships to outstanding candidates. These awards are typically based on merit, leadership potential, and contributions to the community. Scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of the program and recognize the achievements of exceptional individuals.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Many professionals pursuing a Global Executive MBA receive financial support from their employers. Companies recognize the value of investing in their employees’ education, as it enhances their skill set and benefits the organization in the long run. Discuss the possibility of corporate sponsorship with your employer to explore potential funding opportunities.

Loans and Financial Aid:

Financial institutions often offer specialized loan programs for executive education. These loans are tailored to suit the needs of working professionals and come with flexible repayment options. Before opting for a loan, carefully consider the interest rates and terms to make an informed decision that aligns with your financial situation.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement:

Some companies have tuition reimbursement programs, wherein they partially or fully cover the cost of their employees’ education. If your organization offers such a program, take advantage of it to ease the financial burden and enhance your professional development simultaneously.

Self-Financing and Savings:

If you have sufficient savings or investments, you can consider self-financing your Global Executive MBA. This approach ensures financial independence and avoids any additional debt. Evaluate your financial situation, and if viable, consider using your savings to invest in your education and future success.

Crowdfunding and Fundraising:

Innovative funding methods like crowdfunding and fundraising platforms can also be explored. These avenues allow you to seek financial support from friends, family, and well-wishers who believe in your potential and the value of your educational pursuit.

Employer Programs and Benefits:

Some companies have tie-ups with educational institutions to provide special benefits and discounts to their employees. Inquire about any partnerships or affiliations your employer might have with London Business School to explore cost-saving opportunities.

Personal Budgeting:

Develop a comprehensive budget to manage your finances throughout the program. Assess your living expenses, study materials, and any other associated costs. Sticking to a budget will help you navigate the financial aspect of the program more effectively.


When financing your Global Executive MBA, keep in mind the long-term benefits and potential return on investment. The program can lead to enhanced career prospects, salary increments, and networking opportunities, which can offset the initial financial outlay.

Life as a Global Executive MBA Student

Life as a Global Executive MBA student at London Business School is an enriching and dynamic experience that empowers you to grow personally and professionally. As you balance the demands of work, academics, and personal commitments, you will find yourself part of a vibrant community that fosters collaboration, innovation, and global perspectives. Let’s take a closer look at what life entails as a Global Executive MBA student:

Diverse Cohort:

You will be surrounded by a diverse cohort of accomplished professionals from various industries, cultures, and backgrounds. Interacting with such a diverse group enriches your learning experience, broadens your perspectives, and fosters lasting international friendships and networks.

Interactive Learning:

The Global Executive MBA program at London Business School emphasizes interactive learning methods. Engage in stimulating classroom discussions, participate in case studies, and collaborate on team projects to apply theoretical concepts to real-world business challenges.

Global Residencies:

Embrace the opportunity to participate in international residencies at prominent business hubs across the world. These global residencies expose you to diverse business environments, cultures, and practices, enhancing your ability to lead in a globalized world.

Intensive Learning Immersions:

The program features intensive learning immersions that immerse you in specific business topics or industries. These hands-on sessions allow you to gain practical insights and hone your problem-solving skills through experiential learning.

Networking and Career Development:

London Business School provides numerous networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders, alumni, and corporate partners. Career workshops, job fairs, and networking events facilitate your professional growth and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Personalized Coaching and Support:

Throughout your journey, you’ll receive personalized coaching and support from experienced mentors and career advisors. They will guide you in your academic pursuits, career choices, and personal development, ensuring you make the most of your time as a student.

Balancing Work and Studies:

As a Global Executive MBA student, you’ll be navigating the demands of work and studies simultaneously. London Business School understands the challenges of balancing these commitments and provides the necessary resources and support to help you succeed in both areas.

Leadership Development:

The program places significant emphasis on leadership development. Through workshops, seminars, and feedback sessions, you will refine your leadership skills, communication abilities, and emotional intelligence, preparing you to lead effectively in diverse and challenging scenarios.

Social and Extracurricular Activities:

Life as a Global Executive MBA student is not just about academics; it also involves engaging in social and extracurricular activities. Join clubs, attend events, and take part in sports and cultural activities to foster a sense of community and work-life balance.

Life-Changing Experiences:

The Global Executive MBA journey is transformative, and you will encounter life-changing experiences along the way. Whether it’s an “aha” moment during a class discussion or a breakthrough in a team project, these experiences shape you into a more confident and insightful leader.

Building Lifelong Relationships:

The connections you form with your classmates and faculty go beyond the classroom. These relationships often extend well beyond the program’s duration, creating a lifelong network of support and collaboration.

Embracing Personal Growth:

Life as a Global Executive MBA student is a continuous journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Embrace the challenges, learn from failures, and celebrate achievements as you evolve into a more well-rounded and accomplished individual.

Alumni Success Stories

London Business School’s Global Executive MBA alumni form a vast network of accomplished professionals across diverse industries and geographies. Many alumni have ascended to prominent leadership positions, spearheading innovation and driving growth in their respective fields. Learn from their experiences and draw inspiration from their journeys toward success.


Congratulations! You have taken a remarkable journey through the transformative Global Executive MBA program at London Business School. Embracing this opportunity is the key to unlocking your true potential as a global business leader. Step into the future with confidence, armed with a diverse skill set, an expanded network, and the knowledge to drive change.


What are the entry requirements for the Global Executive MBA program at London Business School?

Ans: To be eligible for the Global Executive MBA, applicants must possess significant work experience, demonstrate leadership potential, and hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification.

Can I continue working while pursuing the Global Executive MBA?

Ans: Yes, the program is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. With a blend of on-campus and online sessions, you can balance work and studies effectively.

Are there any scholarships available for the Global Executive MBA program?

Ans: Yes, London Business School offers scholarships to outstanding candidates based on merit, leadership potential, and contribution to the community.

How does the Global Executive MBA program promote diversity and inclusion?

Ans: The program actively seeks participants from diverse backgrounds, industries, and regions, fostering a rich learning environment that celebrates different perspectives.

What are the career benefits of completing a Global Executive MBA?

Ans: Completing a Global Executive MBA can lead to accelerated career growth, expanded job opportunities, and access to a robust alumni network, among other career benefits.

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